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MAGHRIBCOM, a real information platform for Moroccans around the world

MAGHRIBCOM is a platform that aims to serve as a formal framework for the circulation of information in terms of business opportunities, occasional collaboration, and investment or employment. Its main goal is to serve as a springboard for establishing "win-win" partnerships between, on the one hand, economic operators, universities and research institutions in Morocco, and on the other hand Moroccan resident skills, temporarily or permanently, abroad.

To whom it is addressed MAGHRIBCOM?

 Skills Providers

 Moroccan skills residing abroad who have know-how, an expertise or an investment project that they wish to contribute to the development of Morocco.

 Skill Applicants

 The various public and private organizations and national entities seeking expertise, specific know-how or partnerships. These needs can affect all the domestic sectors such as scientific, economic, industrial, social, cultural, artistic fields...

How does MAGHRIBCOM work ?


fonctionnement Maghribcom


 To benefit from all the features offered by maghribcom, all you have to do is register to have your user account, either as a member of an association or a network of skills but also as an individual, either as a as a potential applicant for competence. Registration allows the user to enjoy different features, namely:

  1. Creating offers and / or skill requests.
  2. Creating networks and / or joining existing networks.
  3. Finding and exchanging with the skills listed on the platform.
  4. etc.

How the matching is done on MAGHRIBCOM ?


compétences mre et demandeurs de compétences


 When registering, the user (whether an offeror or an applicant) fills in a form. As soon as there is a match between an offer and a request, the two users receive a notification by email and can get in touch to finalize the terms of their partnership.

What other features does Maghribcom offer ?

  • An useful offer of information on investment (opportunities, formalities, guides ...).
  • Continuing publication of news related to the development of projects in Morocco.
  • Networking: creation of thematic or geographical skill networks.
  • A range of dedicated services (discussion forums, polls, blogs, press reviews, publications ...)